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Private Equity

Private Equity

Atta Capital is devoted in seeking the most attractive investment opportunities. Our investments span a wide range of industries in early or growth stages with geographic focus on China, US, Israel and other countries.

Our Investment Approach

Investment Process

  1. i) Investment Philosophy – Creating value for our investors and portfolio companies Owing to our capabilities to leverage on imminent resources and relationship, Atta is able to create genuine value for our investors and portfolio companies, and assist portfolio companies with their business expansion and management reengineering.
  2. ii) Diversification – our investments are focused on, but are not limited to High-tech, Fintech, Clean-tech and Healthcare industries.

Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence

  • - Deal Origination
  • - Due Diligence (financial, legal etc)
  • - Industry Analysis

Risk Assessment & Investment Decision Making

  • - Evaluating risk and return
  • - Approval by manager and investment committee

Portfolio Management & Value Creation

  • - Provide strategic guidance and support to portfolio companies
  • - Monitoring the key metrics of each investment over time

Capital Growth & Exit Strategy

  • - Mutiple Options (IPO, Trade Sale, Transfer of old shares)
  • - Distribution Management