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Asset Management

Asset Management

Leveraging on the strong investment expertise of the firm, Atta strives to offer investment management solutions to family offices and institutional investors.

The team design and manage customized investment funds covering multi-assets classes such as:-

  1. i) Private Investment Instruments:- Private Equity Opportunities, Private Loan Opportunities, Private Structured Transactions.
  2. ii) Liquid Asset Class Instruments:- Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Futures and Options, Investment Funds and Hedge Funds.

Atta Unique Edge

Our Investment Approach

  1. i) Atta investment team performs our own proprietary investment research including on-site company visit to make sure we acquired up-to-date unbiased investment information;
  2. ii) The team has solid fund management experience and strong portfolio construction experience;
  3. iii) Our team has strong access to many sources of information and have excellent global network for sourcing great investment opportunities globally.
  1. i) Optimizing risk-adjusted return and limit downside risk – In spite of maximizing return, our principal objective is to minimize downside risk.
  2. ii) Top Down strategy overlay – Identify global market trends by extensive fundamental analysis and market cycle analysis.
  3. iii) Minimizing liquidity risk – Analyze liquidity risk and understand how liquidity change in stress scenario.
  4. iv) Catalyst Driven Investment Sytle – The investment must present a catalyst which propel the price to move higher. It is either a change of capital management, company structure, earnings upgrades, change in broker recommendation, etc.
  5. v) Diversification – Broaden the investment universe by choosing investment across different asset classes and geographies.